Fire Prevention


Each year, almost 90% of Ohio’s civilian fire deaths occurred in homes that had no functioning smoke detectors. In each of these fatal fires, smoke detectors were either not present, not functioning, or placed ineffectively to sound a warning. 

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In the last 25 years, civilian fire deaths have been reduced almost in half by the installation and proper maintenance of smoke detectors. Sadly however many home dwellers fail to recognize the critical life saving role that is represented in the proper placement and maintenance of a smoke detector. Coupled with a functioning ‘exit-drill-in-the-home’, EDITH, program, death from fires in the private sector could be reduced even more. Building Laws today mandate the placement of smoke detectors, wired with battery backup, to the primary electric service in all new homes and apartments. Local regulations in many communities such as North Canton require the placement and maintenance of smoke detectors in rental properties.

Fire Safety Education

Fire Safety Education continues to be an increasingly important focus of the Fire Prevention Bureau in our community. This activity includes fire safety in educational facilities, public and parochial schools, day care centers, pre-schools, university buildings and dormitories within the City of North Canton.

Protection Specialists

As fire protection specialists, the Inspectors work closely with the City Building Department to assure that new construction and building renovation projects comply with applicable fire and safety requirements. Additionally, the Inspectors conduct periodic fire safety inspections of existing commercial buildings, residential apartment complexes, educational facilities, churches, and public buildings, including all City owned buildings. This assures compliance with fire and safety regulations. As a component of regular building inspections, the Fire Department administration is advised of changes in structures or anything that would impact the safety and efficiency of the Fire Department’s response. Each year, more expansion is coming to the city. Revitalization of the Hoover Company to the Hoover Business District, Walsh University continually remodeling and building, remodeling of the North Canton City School system, and any new or updating commercial businesses continue to work with the Fire Prevention Bureau, to assure the safest possible environment for everyone.


Additionally, pursuant to authority granted by the State of Ohio Fire Marshal the Certified Fire Safety Inspectors of the North Canton Fire Department are delegated the authority to inspect and issue permits for underground storage installations for motor fuel. The Fire Prevention Bureau regularly inspects all facilities having underground or above ground flammable or combustible liquid installations.