Yard Waste / Leaf Recycling Program

True Value Bag

Yard Waste

You may dispose of your yard waste by placing it in your weekly trash service except during certain weeks in the fall for the duration of the City's Leaf Recycling program detailed below.

You may take your yard waste to the Earth'nWood facility located at 5335 Strausser Street NW for a nominal fee. For more information on acceptable yard waste and hours see their website here.

Leaves Recycling Program Details

Paper Yard Waste Bags:  In an ongoing effort to reduce the volume of waste going into landfills, the City of North Canton is now offering “Fall Yard Waste / Leaf Recycling” beginning October 18, 2020 through the week of November 28, 2020.


All yard waste must be in paper bags. There will be a free Paper Bag Handout beginning October 10th. These bags may be picked up during store hours at Mohler Lumber-True Value while supplies last.  Simply take your North Canton Utility bill showing Trash Removal Services, to Mohler Lumber-True Value located at 4214 Portage Street NW to receive up to 25 leaf bags FREE per customer until November 15th. Additional bags, or if you are not a North Canton City trash removal customer, may be purchased. 

The first day of leaf pickup is October 18th.  The last day of leaf pickup is November 28th.  Bags set out before October 18th or after November 28th will not be recycled.

Please note: If your yard waste is not in a paper bag, it will go to the landfill.

Program Limitations

This program is limited to North Canton City (Kimble) Trash customers only.

To participate in the yard waste recycling program you simply have to put leaves into the paper bags and put them curbside on your regular trash pickup day. A separate truck will come by to pick up leaves in paper bags and recycle them.

Acceptable items are leaves, grass clippings and small branches. Please no dirt, rocks or pet waste.

Further Information

For further information contact the Department of Administration.

Thank You

Thank you Mohler’s True Value for handling the distribution of free bags to our city residents during the 2020 program.

Raking or Blowing Leaves or Grass Clippings Into Street Prohibited

Raking or blowing leaves or grass clippings into the street is prohibited in North Canton, as it is in a majority of municipalities. 

There are a number of reasons for this policy.

  • First and foremost, debris blown into the street is a major problem for storm sewer systems. Leaves and grass clippings clog both grates and pipes, contributing to back-ups and/or flooding. They accumulate in the pipes, not only contributing to reduction in flow but also ponding, giving mosquitoes breeding areas. Ultimately, if and when the leaves or grass clippings make it to the creeks, they reduce flow there as well as use up oxygen, which reduces the viability of aquatic life.  This affect further reduces water quality and if the EPA placed more restrictions on Canton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, this would potentially cost North Canton residents additional sanitary sewer costs.
  • Leaves in the street also are a safety problem, especially when wet. Cars can easily fail to stop, sliding on wet leaves. Frozen, they present a problem for both motorists and snow removal.
  • Leaves, once they are in the street, are no longer able to be recycled but must be transported to landfills.

For all the foregoing reasons, North Canton has a prohibition against raking or blowing leaves or grass clippings into the street. We request that all of our citizens comply.

City Ordinance Prohibits Placing Grass in Street