Planning and Zoning Division

The Division of Planning and Zoning is responsible for the administration of the City's Planning and Zoning Code. Duties include maintaining the City's Zoning map, development plan reviews, and administrative support for the Planning Commission and Zoning and Building Board of Appeals.

What is Zoning?

Zoning means local regulations as to what types of land uses can be placed in specific locations throughout the community. Every lot, parcel, or property in the City has an assigned zoning type, referred to as a district, that specifies what can be built on that property.

Where can I find the current zoning?

Current zoning regulations can be found in two places. First, the Zoning Map shows the specific zoning of all properties in the City. Second, the City's Zoning Code states what can be built in each district type.

How is zoning changed?

Zoning is changed by an act of City Council but changes can be requested by property owners by completing a Zoning Application and submitting it to City Council's Office.

Review Process

Requests for zoning changes are reviewed by both City Council and the Planning Commission. While review by City Council is free there is a $100 application fee for the Planning Commission. After your application is submitted it will be reviewed by the Department of Development Services for completeness and then the Department's staff will guide you through the review process. During the review process Council and the Planning Commission will invite you and your neighbors to present on why the change will be good for the neighborhood. The total review process takes four to 5 months to complete based on Council and the Planning Commission's regular schedules.

Can I apply for an exemption from the Zoning Code?

Yes! If your property has special circumstances that make it difficult or unreasonable to conform to the zoning code you can apply for a variance. Variance requests are reviewed by the Zoning and Building Standards Board of Appeals.

Variance Application