Special Duty Request

Special Duty refers to the hiring of an off-duty police officer(s) for security or traffic control/safety.

To request a Special Duty officer please complete the Special Duty Request form or call (330) 499-5911. When possible, call at least one week in advance of the job. The more advance of a notice increases the likelihood of filling your request.

The job will be made available to all officers and are filled on a voluntary basis. We cannot guarantee a job request will be filled. In the event NCPD is unable to completely fill a request for an approved detail, the outside employer will be notified as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours prior to the event. At times in order to fill a request we reserve the right to fill the request with officers from other law enforcement agencies under existing mutual aid agreements.

Specific Details:

Current rates:

• $40 an hour for security 

• $50 an hour for traffic control

• We have a minimum charge of $140

• Certain events and or times of the year may necessitate a higher security rate to increase the probability of officers volunteering to fill the job

Officers are to be paid directly by the outside employer on the day of the event or by check within 14 days of performing the detail.

Officers providing special duty services are required to observe the department’s rules, policies, and procedures.

Job Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel the officer, call our dispatch center at (330) 499-5911 at least two (2) hours prior to the job and ask them to contact the officer for the cancellation. If you do not cancel the officer in sufficient time, you will be charged a two (2) hour show up fee.

Disclaimer: Approval of a request to hire off-duty police officers is at the sole discretion of the Chief of Police or his designee. To ensure the safety and security of both the public and our officers, each job request is reviewed for sufficient staffing, and we may make recommendations. We also reserve the right to decline job requests that may be deemed inappropriate or unsafe for police officers.

For any needed concerns or clarification please call (330) 499-5911 and you will be directed to a supervisor to discuss your circumstances.