Can I exit this program without penalty?

Yes. A very attractive feature of our program is your ability to leave free of charge at any time for any reason. There are several “formal” opportunities to take yourself out of the program. First, when an offer is presented you will have 21-days to Opt-Out by returning a card to Volunteer Energy or making a toll-free phone call. If you do not Opt-Out DEO will then send a confirmation notice giving you 7 more days to cancel the switch. Furthermore, by law, you will be able to leave without penalty at least every two years. If you would like to choose another supplier or return to the utility company supply, notify Volunteer Energy at 800-977-8374. If you leave the program it may take one to two utility billing cycles before the switch appears on your utility bill.

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1. Who is the natural gas supplier for the City’s program?
2. What is my price for gas?
3. What is Governmental Natural Gas Aggregation?
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6. How does a community become an Aggregator?
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8. Whom do I call if I have a problem with my natural gas service?
9. Will it cost me to join the program?
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11. When does the next program start?
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13. What if I don’t want to participate?
14. Will I get two bills?
15. Can I remain on budget billing?
16. Can I exit this program without penalty?
17. My friend lives in a nearby community and has a different rate from Volunteer than mine. Why?
18. Can I enroll if I do not receive an Opt-Out Notice?
19. Can I enroll after the initial enrollment period?
20. Can I enroll even if I currently purchase my gas from another supplier?
21. What happens if I’m part of the program and I move?
22. Is this related to our community’s electric program?
23. This sounds complex. Is our community qualified to handle such a program?
24. How do I contact Volunteer Energy?
25. These FAQs help but I still have a question, what do I do?