What class do I need?

If you are in the healthcare field at all you are probably required to have the BLS for Healthcare Providers. If you are just taking the class for yourself or are taking it for coaching purposes you need the Heartsaver AED. If you are unsure please email CPR Certification or call 330-497-4899.

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1. What class do I need?
2. How do I sign up for a class?
3. How much is the class?
4. How big are the classes?
5. What is the busy time of year for classes?
6. How long is my card good for?
7. How long does the class last?
8. What should I wear to class?
9. Where are you located & where do I park?
10. Why should I pick up a book & open It?
11. Can I do the class online?
12. Who else has classes if these don’t fit into my schedule?