Streets and Sewers


The Department of Streets and Sewer performs three separate roles for the City: street maintenance, sewer maintenance, and sign maintenance. These important functions help keep our City's infrastructure operating correctly and our City looking as beautiful as possible.

Street Maintenance

The street division maintains the over 81 miles of roadway within the City including filling potholes, street sweeping, and salting and plowing roads in the winter. 

Snow Removal Information

Sewer Maintenance

The sewer division is responsible for catch basin repairs and rebuilds and problems that develop with the underground storm and sanitary sewer systems. This could include repairing and replacing old or collapsed pipe, or the clean out of clogged pipes in the system.

Sign Maintenance

The sign division is responsible for installing and repairing street name signs, all traffic signs, and traffic lights within the city. The Department also paints intersection crosswalks and caution signs, construction detour traffic control, accident cleanup, and the decorative signage along Main and Maple Streets.