Gas Aggregation

Community Update for September 12, 2022

Residents who were enrolled in the City of North Canton’s natural gas aggregation program at the time of prior supplier Volunteer Energy’s bankruptcy (March 2022) should expect to receive a letter in the coming days containing information about the city’s new gas aggregation program contract, which has been finalized and will take effect in October 2022.

The city’s new gas aggregation program supplier will be IGS Energy, and the new contract establishes a fixed rate of $5.25/Mcf for four years. This rate will be effective for the October 2022 through September 2026 meter reads, and the city's program has no early termination fee. Letters will be mailed out to prior program participants on September 12th, 2022, by the city’s industry consultant, Independent Energy Consultants. There are two types of letters that will be distributed: opt-out letters and informational letters.

Prior program participants who have not entered into an agreement with a new gas supplier will receive an opt-out letter. This opt-out letter will state that you qualify for automatic enrollment into the city’s gas aggregation program when the new contract takes effect. If you receive the opt-out letter, and you would like to participate in the city’s program, you will not need to take any further action in order to be automatically enrolled after the end of the 21-day consideration period provided. If you receive an opt-out letter, but you would like to be excluded from the city's program, you must either notify IGS Energy via phone at 1-877-353-0162 or complete and return the "Opt-Out" form enclosed in the letter by October 10th, 2022. Any "Opt-Out" forms should be returned to:

Natural Gas Governmental Aggregation Program
PO Box 9060
Dublin, Ohio 43017-0960

Prior program participants who have entered into an agreement with a new gas supplier will receive an informational letter that explains the details of the city’s new gas aggregation program contract. This informational letter will indicate that you do not currently qualify for automatic enrollment into the city’s program, as you have already contracted with another supplier for gas service. If you receive the informational letter and are interested in participating in the city’s program, you would first have to exit your current supplier’s agreement in order to be eligible to enroll. For those considering the switch, we recommend first reviewing your current gas supplier agreement to be aware of any opt-out or early termination fees that may apply.

All city residents are eligible to enroll in the city’s gas aggregation program unless they are already in an agreement with another gas supplier or are otherwise unqualified (i.e., behind on bills, in the PIPP program, or using over 500 Mcf of gas per year). During the initial enrollment period, any eligible resident who does not receive a letter may contact IGS Energy directly at 1-877-353-0162 to enroll. Customer enrollment and account management will be handled by IGS Energy, not the city.

Though factors such as inflation, government policies, and conflict in eastern Europe have driven an increase in natural gas prices, the city's new rate compares favorably to offers residents can find on their own in the current market. Our gas aggregation program is geared towards providing another option for city residents to consider in their efforts to manage their energy costs amidst difficult economic conditions. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) provides a list of other publicly available supply offers on their website, We recommend that anyone considering these alternate supply offers be aware of any early termination fees, fixed monthly charges, or automatic renewal provisions that may apply.

If you have additional questions about the city’s new gas aggregation contract, please visit our Gas Aggregation FAQs section below or contact the Administration office at 330-499-8223, option 1.