Power Outages


Due to weather conditions that may sometimes be extreme, there is always a chance for a power outage. In such emergencies, American Electric Power (AEP) mobilizes its crews and has other power companies send crews to help restore power. Main power lines are responded to first, and individual homes that have power out will be last on their list.

American Electric Power

AEP is not a City utility, and the City of North Canton has no ability to direct AEP in their repair efforts.

In the event of a power outage, AEP’s service number is 800-672-2231.

Police Dispatch

Please do not call the North Canton dispatch in the event of a power failure. Calling Police dispatch during a power outage impedes their ability to answer and respond to emergencies, such as dispatching City employees and/or Police and/or Fire / EMS to traffic accidents, switching traffic lights which are out due to the power outage to backup generators, or removing downed tree limbs from the roadways. Your cooperation is appreciated. This also allows your City employees to better serve all of us in such trying times.

Emergency Shelter

In the event that power outages create a need for emergency shelter, the Red Cross can be contacted at 330-453-0146. If the Red Cross does not have shelters available or open, North Canton City residents should then contact the Police Department at 330-499-5911.

Additional Information

Visit the AEP website for more information regarding your electric power.