Employee Commendations & Complaints


The North Canton Police Department has established a reputation as a professional organization, committed to providing quality service to all individuals who work, live, and visit the City of North Canton. Our department expects a very high level of professional conduct from all employees and when those standards are exceeded, we like to hear about it! If you would like to compliment an employee of the North Canton Police Department, please use one of the following procedures:
  • Write a letter to the Chief of Police:
Chief of Police
North Canton Police Department
145 N. Main St.
North Canton, OH 44720
  • Call the department at 330-499-5911. If you know the employee’s name, you can ask for the employee’s supervisor, or leave a message for the Chief of Police.
  • Come in person to the police department and ask for the on-duty patrol supervisor or shift commander.
  • Fill out an online commendation form
A citizen's commendation of an officer going above and beyond the call of duty provides genuine recognition to those who have brought honor to themselves and the department. Once it is received, the employee and his/her supervisor are notified of the compliment and a copy is placed in the employee's personnel file. 

Employee Complaints

The North Canton Police Department works diligently to preserve the integrity of our agency through an internal system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are ensured by intensive and impartial investigation and review of the actions of departmental employees. The department will investigate all complaints, alleged or suspected, either signed or anonymous, that are made against the department or its employee.  At times, we fail to live up to an individual's expectations because of misunderstandings about the police function, authority or limitations. In order to maintain our high standards, we appreciate feedback from the citizens we serve. 

Who can make a complaint?

 Any citizen may make a complaint. Normally, the individual who has been affected by the employee's conduct should be the person to file the complaint. The exception would be a parent filing a complaint for a minor child or other similar situation. Complaints filed against the department or one of its employees shall be handled courteously and professionally.

Will I have to write my complaint out?

We have found that it is much easier to investigate a written complaint, so we prefer them that way. However, complaints may be made by phone or in person. By receiving the complaint in writing it allows for a more thorough investigation with less chance of making a mistake interpreting the information. 

When may complaints be made?

Complaints may be made at any time. Complaints should be made within a reasonable time after the alleged misconduct occurred to help ensure evidence is still available and recollections of the incident are fresh. 

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

You can make your complaint anonymously by phone or mail, although this is not recommended. If you choose to file your complaint anonymously, we will be unable to confirm its receipt, and the Chief of Police or his designee will be unable to give you a disposition after our investigation is completed. Also, we will not be able to clear up any misunderstandings during our investigation.

How will my complaint be handled?

That depends on the type of complaint filed. There are two (2) types of complaints, informal and formal. An informal complaint is a request to make your grievance known to the Chief of Police and / or the employee's supervisor. You are not requesting a formal investigation but wish to make known your complaint or have questions about a procedure or incident that you request a further explanation. Informal complaints can usually be satisfactorily resolved either by a telephone call or during a visit with the supervisor or shift commander. After speaking with a supervisor or shift commander, you reserve the right to change your informal complaint to a formal complaint. 

A formal complaint is a request to have your grievance formally investigated by the department. Your complaint will be assigned to an investigator who will thoroughly investigate the alleged incident.

The department will make contact with the complainant within 24 hours of receiving a complaint. Every investigator or supervisor assigned to investigate a complaint or alleged misconduct shall proceed with due diligence in an effort to complete the investigation within one year from the date of discovery by an individual authorized to initiate an investigation. The member conducting the investigation will provide the complainant with Bi-monthly updates on the status of the investigation, as appropriate. Upon completion of the investigation the Chief of Police or the authorized designee will ensure that the complainant is notified of the disposition of the complaint within 7 days.  

What are the possible outcomes of a formal complaint?

The allegation is supported

Not Sustained: Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation
Exonerated: The alleged act occurred but was justified, legal, and proper under the circumstances
Unfounded: The allegation was false or did not occur

What happens if someone files a false complaint of misconduct?

The Ohio Revised Code makes it a misdemeanor of the first degree to knowingly file a false complaint of misconduct against a peace officer. 

If you wish to file a complaint with the North Canton Police Department you may do so in the following ways:
  • Call the department at 330-499-5911. If you know the employee’s name, you can ask for the employee’s supervisor, or leave a message for the Chief of Police. If you choose to make your complaint over the phone, the Officer-in-Charge might still ask you to write and drop off, or mail in, your own written statement. Although this is not required in order to file a complaint, we ask all persons making complaints to have their statement written out so we do not make a mistake in their interpretation.
  • Come in person to the police department and ask for the on-duty patrol supervisor or shift commander.
  • Download and print the complaint form
  • Fill out an online complaint form