Security Camera Registration Program

Security Camera Registration FAQs
Q:  Will other citizens know that I registered my camera or have access to my personal information?

A:  No.  After registering your camera location, only you and select police personnel will have access to that information.  There is no public view of the camera registration site which illustrates camera locations or contains personal information for camera registrants.

Q:  If I register on this site, will the police have access to my cameras?

A:  No.  This program is only intended for informational purposes.

Q:  Can I remove my camera information from the system?

A:  Yes.  This program is completely voluntary and each registrant is able to remove his or her information at any time.

Q:  If I change my cameras or add additional cameras can I update my registration?

A: Yes you can submit a registration change from that will make changes and/or updates.