Vacant Property Registration

What is Vacant Property Registration?

Vacant Property Registration requires vacant residential and commercial properties in the City of North Canton to register with the City, be inspected, and receive a certificate of inspection annually.

What properties need to register?

Any residential property not currently occupied by an owner or tenant, including single-family homes, and any vacant commercial space larger than 1,000 sq. ft., even if the rest of the building is occupied, are required to register under the program. Qualifying properties may apply for exemptions from registration if any of the following apply:

  • The property was damaged by fire within the last 90 days and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.
  • The property is residential and the occupants are on an extended vacation or other alternative temporary living situation such as hospitalization.
  • the property is actively being advertised for sale. Advertisement for rent or lease does not qualify for an exemption.

How do I register my property?

Property owners or managers can register their property or apply for exemptions online through the City's citizens services portal.

Why does the City have Vacant Property Registration?

The City created the rental registration program to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for City residents in rented dwelling units. Landlords receive City approved documentation that their units are safe, clean, and all major appliances are working in order to help them attract and retain quality tenants.

What should I expect from the registration process?

The registration process will require property owners to register their property online, pay the fee, and schedule an inspection. The Department of Development Services will then issue the property owner proof of registration, and a certificate of inspection detailing any violations found.

How often do I need to register?

Properties must be registered annually for as long as they remain vacant.

What will be inspected?

Units will be inspected for compliance with the City's existing Property Maintenance Code.

What will it cost?

Cost is determined by the type of property and the number of years the property has been vacant.

Type of Property
Years Vacant




$0.050 per sq ft

$0.075 per sq ft

$0.150 per sq ft

$0.375 per sq ft

$1.125 per sq ft

Failure to Register

Failure to register may result in legal penalties.

Legal Standards

The City of North Canton's vacant property registration program is governed by Chapter 1735 of the City's Codified Ordinances.