City Master Plan


The City of North Canton's Master Plan is a visionary document that serves as a roadmap for the future development and growth of our vibrant community. It is a strategic framework designed to guide decision-making, enhance the quality of life for our residents, and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for North Canton.


The Master Plan was crafted with a clear purpose in mind: to address the ever-evolving needs and aspirations of our city and its residents. It provides a structured approach to managing growth, infrastructure, and resources while preserving the unique character and charm that makes North Canton a great place to live, work, and visit. The plan is a reflection of our commitment to fostering a resilient and inclusive city that can adapt to change and seize opportunities for the betterment of all.

Artist Rendering of a Future North Canton Neighborhood from 2023 Master Plan


The Master Plan was developed through an extensive and inclusive process, involving input from residents, local businesses, community organizations, and public officials. It was meticulously crafted by a team of urban planners and experts who analyzed current conditions, future trends, and local priorities. Through workshops, surveys, and community meetings, the plan was shaped to reflect the values and vision of the North Canton community.


The success of the Master Plan hinges on its implementation. The City of North Canton is dedicated to turning this vision into reality by prioritizing and executing projects that align with the plan's goals and strategies. The Master Plan will serve as a guiding document for zoning and land use decisions, infrastructure improvements, economic development initiatives, and more. Regular updates and assessments will ensure that the plan remains adaptable to changing circumstances, and continued community engagement will be encouraged to keep residents informed and involved.

North Canton's Master Plan is more than just a document; it's a commitment to a brighter future for our city. As we work together to implement this plan, we are dedicated to creating a city that is even more welcoming, resilient, and prosperous for all who call North Canton home.

More Information

For more detailed information about the City of North Canton's Master Plan, read the Master Plan and supporting documents below.

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